Layali Libnaan with Strawberries


I recently made some Layali Libnaan, an incredibly tasty dessert with a semolina pudding base, topped with fresh cream, pistachios, and fruit, then drizzled with sugar syrup to taste. Because the pudding and cream are not sweetened, this recipe is great for people who are trying to control their sugar intake. I originally posted the recipe here. This is probably the easiest dessert I know how to make, and it looks so pretty :)  



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4 responses to “Layali Libnaan with Strawberries”

  1. Bite a bargain says :

    Yummy yum yum. Great poto.

  2. tamatim says :

    Aw, I remember when Mama first made this for us a few years ago and I fell in love. Thanks for posting, Zarzoor! I’m also digging the new blog look :)

  3. Peace Of Iran says :

    This looks delicious! I’ll have to try it. I just found your blog and am loving your recipes!

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