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Layali Libnaan with Strawberries


I recently made some Layali Libnaan, an incredibly tasty dessert with a semolina pudding base, topped with fresh cream, pistachios, and fruit, then drizzled with sugar syrup to taste. Because the pudding and cream are not sweetened, this recipe is great for people who are trying to control their sugar intake. I originally posted the recipe here. This is probably the easiest dessert I know how to make, and it looks so pretty :)  



Beauty from Palestine: Some Photographs.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the wonderful experiences I had while in Palestine. Not all of the things pictured below are edible, but they are all yummy! Enjoy!

Beautiful tomatoes in my great aunt’s house in Khalil…

Juicy, thirst-quenching loquats off the tree in their garden..Eskadenya!

Steaming hot knafeh, the cheese so stretchy, dripping with sugar syrup!

Wild poppies everywhere!

Pots and pots of  authentic Khalili ‘idrah roasting away in a hot oven…

I walked on ancient stone roads, down winding alleyways, and under dusty arches…

Morning glories drape the walls of the old city in Khalil…

Of hand-made pottery…

… and stained glass…

Crunchy sesame seeds at the press where they make sesame oil…

Then off to Jerusalem, to be greeted by a luscious fruit dish!

With mini apples, baby apples! Little tiny sugar apples…

… that you can cup in the palm of your hand!

The journey towards holiness begins …

… and ends.

So serene…

Always a fresh, wholesome meal waiting at home… thick, tangy yogurt…

… warm, fresh bread…

… and a perfect, pink end to an amazing trip :)



In Jordan, [X] and milk is a popular refreshment that most Americans would call milkshakes, but is made without ice cream. Some of the common ones are bananas and milk, strawberries and milk, and one of my favorites: guavas and milk. I never thought that guava and dairy could go together since I always thought of guava as a fruit with some sourness to it. But then my Aunt Hanan made us “guavas&milk” one day and it was amazing! It’s super simple, as you probably can guess, but tastes really good :)

Ingredients (no quantities here!)

Soft, sweet guavas

Whole fresh milk

Tiny bit of vanilla

Sugar to taste

(Honey to decorate your glasses with, if you want)


Wash and halve the guavas.

Scoop out the seeds, because they aren’t fun to have in your drink, and because they aren’t good for your blender blades. Quarter and put in the blender.

Add milk, vanilla, and sugar. Blend till smooth. Add water if too thick.

Add some honey if you want – for extra flavor. (If I had the financial ability to sweeten this with a whole jar of honey instead of sugar each time I made it, I definitely would. Bass 7asab it-tasaheel ya3ni :P)

Serve! I apologize for the lack of a nice picture of the final product; I didn’t have time to spend carefully taking a good photo because everyone was waiting for their guavas&milk.

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